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Why do this work?

Why do personal transformational work and what does this mean?

Personal, societal, historical, and karmic constructs have crystallised a certain paradigm in our body and mind - and more generally in the human psyche – which is now becoming too limited, paralysing and detrimental to the evolutionary pull which is at play.

This material, which is imprinted deeply at the depth of the subconscious mind - both personal and transpersonal - can only be transformed through a direct and honest embrace.

Together we reveal what is ready for you to be acknowledged – whether you are led by strong emotional imprints, old traumas that are still active and controlling you in the background, obsolete belief systems that seem to be ‘stuck’ on a loop regardless of how much you want to change, patterns that are playing over and over again however hard you try to shift them… 

We will be following the wisdom of your own body and what your own inner compass decides: the sequencing of healing, the associations you made between things of the mind/body/spirit, your story-line and inner narratives… all loops and subconscious imprints can be witnessed, detached and finally released.

From then on, it is easier to really feel yourself, know yourself in Truth and allow your life to unfold from the core of who you are. 

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