The Work I propose: Evolutionary Healing Circles


(exposing and bringing awareness to the 'dark corners')

These are the direct tools I have used and have proven very effective to operate deep shifts within, shed patterns that no longer served me, and therefore change my reality.

I use Creative Kinesiology (which is a pretty big source of tools in itself), acupressure and meridian work, sound and colour healing (with tuning forks or rattles) as well as BodyTalk Therapy, mindfulness meditative practices and shamanic journeying (consciousness-based healing), hands on healing, and  Mantras, Mudras, conscious dancing and chanting.

The list is never exhaustive as there is so much more out there I haven't yet found!

During these sessions together I will tap into my tool box in pretty much the same way I would in an individual session and we'll simply jump in together to 'what comes next', and then 'next' and so on... The concept of priority and sequence of healing is paramount to this process (see healing principles


This is the simple Truth that there is an intrinsic wisdom to this world and that if you decide to pay attention to it you will find it echoing what you broadcast pretty much constantly. So what you see and experience is what you put 'out there' in the first place - might just as well be aware of what's going on within don't you think?

Now there are bits and bobs clouding what can be called your 'authentic self' and that's what we're doing: exposing, feeling into, allowing the old you to go, step by step. Layer after layer. The mirror out there can be pretty ruthless and I believe it is high time we start taking responsibility for ourselves and transform everything. For ourselves and for planetary change, generally speaking. 

Paying attention to the mirrors 'out there' is a very interesting and challenging, honest, direct way to know yourself. The difficulty is to be willing to look into the dirty mirrors too! which honestly is far more interesting than the polished images that we all usually favour: at least there is space for growth there! 

And as this is what 'Evolutionary healing' is all about, we might as well get ready for the not so pleasant bit...

In these groups we will therefore allow time for sharing: because we are all mirroring each other and hold a key to each other's healing and growth. We will find these moment to share, in whatever way feels right: direct look, talking, touching, feeling, dancing around each other, and generally allowing space for whatever needs to happen.

As this is all directed by the group energy, there is only a very fluid intention, rather than structure, to this group work. And be certain that nothing is compulsory and if you don't want to share, that is absolutely fine!


We will always start and maintain group cohesion with techniques from BodyTalk or kinesiology in order to ground, balance left and right brain, de-stress the system and centre ourselves. These can be applied anywhere, at any time. You will be given hand outs for these techniques and there are plenty more to learn that will certainly be shared along the way.