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       I am a very skeptical person and it took a bit of convincing to try Kinesiology for my health and well-being. I would strongly recommend it." 
Dean Fisher - Engineer

       I initially went to Mylène to get some suspected food sensitivities checked, which I thought related to some physical symptoms.  Pretty quickly though the session evolved and we explored some profound emotional issues.  I found the experience very helpful and went on to take some practices as 'homework', which consolidated the work we had done together.
Mylène is an intuitive and sensitive practitioner. I recommend her highly.

     Thank you so much for my session. It was really fascinating to learn that you can tell so much about a persons' physical and emotional state by such gentle and subtle movements, and your calm and supportive manner made it a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

      This was the first time I have had a Creative Kinesiology treatment and I did not know very much about this therapy. Mylène put me at ease immediately by fully explaining the treatment. I had decided on this treatment as I am going through some major changes in my life and thought this would help me put my feelings and fears into perspective. Mylene used muscle testing and a combination of Bach Flower Essences and Sound Therapy helped me to explore my emotions, actual as well as perceived fears of the changes in my life, as well as fear from very early in my life that was influencing my present. I was amazed at how much we had been able to achieve in a one hour session and came away feeling connected to my self again, grounded and equipped to deal with these changes. Mylène is very empathetic and I highly recommend her as a therapist.

        I felt drawn to Kinesiology on a recent stay at a retreat in Glastonbury, although I had limited knowledge and understanding of the treatment itself. 
As soon as I met Mylène I felt and instant connection to her due to her inspiring aura and knowledge of Kinesiology: Mylène was professional and demonstrated that she is clearly an expert in her field, but also remained friendly and put me at ease.
I enjoyed the session so much and I think this was largely due to Mylène. I have MS and personally choose to manage this through spiritual means such as holistic treatments and positivity and I felt that my session achieved just that. I appreciated that Mylène didn't make me feel rushed throughout the treatment and was even willing to over run by 10 minutes so that she and I felt that we had achieved all my body was asking her that day.  I left the treatment feeling refreshed and above all else positive. I even had a call 10 minutes after the session, offering me a job interview! Everything seemed clearer and more achievable after the treatment and I can't wait to book another. Mylène even went the extra mile to give me 'homework' by recommending Bach remedies and foods to help me continue on my healing journey. 
From first meeting I genuinely think Mylène is a wonderful person and practitioner who is a clear champion in her field. for me, Mylène is further proof that spiritual and holistic treatments such as these can truly help connect mind and body and assist self healing.

      I found the sessions with Mylène informative and learned about how to look after my body both emotionally and physically. Mylène was gentle but confident, explaining what she was doing and why. She explored with me my emotions past and present and their relation to my physical ailments. I liked the way she used the kinesiology in conjunction with homeopathy and was interested how well they complimented each other. The only other thing to say is that kinesiology does work and I could feel changes even before the end of the sessions.



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