In person sessions available in Glastonbury, UK: Very flexible schedules available. 

Weston-super-Mare clinic open once a month: email or Call me and ask me for details.

Fees (UK)

£60 for our first session (90mn including discussing your intake form and meeting)

£50/h follow up sessions.

Zoom/Remote sessions available. Contact me for scheduling your first FREE introductory TASTER session

Sessions available in French

Although I do prefer to go deep with people and therefore favour long-term work connections, be assured that a single session focused on an acute symptom will most certainly give relief and you'll leave with recommendations for your next steps.

An acute discomfort at any level is a sure indication that the 'issue' is right at the surface therefore it will be addressed in the best possible way.

Yet a minimum of 3 sessions is the usual recommendation.

The following is how my sessions look like and why I work this way. This is a bit lengthy, for those of you who need to know more before taking a decision, but I'll explain again when I see you.


This format is valid for the distant sessions too although I use Zoom to demonstrate what part of the body or what techniques you need to apply to yourself.

First session:

After we've had our initial contact via skype or phone call, to establish whether we both feel we can work together and I am indeed the right help for you,  please fill in this online Intake form prior to your first appointment.

Our first session will be 90mn so that we can discuss your intake form, meet and establish enough understanding and necessary trust. I will answer all your questions in complete honesty and transparency so that you really get to have a feel of my personality and understand how I work.

Follow up sessions:

I always check with 'you' (as in your Innate Wisdom) through muscle testing - not what your mind thinks necessarily) to identify the optimal and most beneficial pace that you need, in order for you to evolve with enough time and tools to integrate the sessions. 

Therefore at the end of each sessions I ALWAYS check IF you need another one and if so, IF I am the appropriate help that you need at all at this point. If yes to both I will then identify how many weeks you need before your follow up.


All of this - of course - is always a recommendation so it is always open to discussion and we can also decide to  'override' the subconscious if that doesn't feel right to your conscious mind. Things are far more complex than simple 'muscle testing' but it's a safe guard that I've chosen to embrace because it serves me and you very well. 

Whether I am the appropriate help that you need is a good point as you might either need a completely different therapy or therapist but more often you might need something else in between our sessions (especially if you are struggling with physical illness or chronic disease as I am NOT a specialist - you might need to see a GP or do something like acupuncture, see a chiropractor or anything that I might pick up, I will let you know and do my best to direct you to the right help).

What I do is absolutely complementary and compatible to any other form of therapy or healing you are choosing to embrace, because your Bodymind/ Innate wisdom naturally registers everything that you are and do, and even what you intend to do,  including your assimilation time and secondary challenges, which is automatically reflected in the biofeedback YOU give me. 

Remember that YOU are the one directing the session and you'll get the healing or guidance that you need at that moment in time all things considered. I have a good set of tools in order to help you, and you can simply trust that if you're choosing 'me' then you're also choosing my specific set of healing abilities and knowledge. 

When it is time to move on for you, trust me, your Innate wisdom will let me know: there are usually two main reasons for this - either you definitely need another person with a different set of skills at this time OR you have become too reliant on me and there will be no 'next scheduled session' although you'll still be welcome through the guidance of your own intuition. I love this step, it is truly when your 'inner Master' has a chance to kick in!

Recommendations / 'homework':

Because change is never sudden and a human being is infinitely complex and preciously unique, you will need time to integrate each session and you might need extra support to do so.

Part of the 'closing' of each session includes asking whether you need something extra or not. This might come up in the form of a Bach flower, an exercise or particular meditation, calling an old friend, saying your truth, considering and witnessing a particular issue, doing some tapping, changing your diet etc... the list is endless and we will figure this out together. 

Cancellation policy

Please contact me to let me know about your cancellation asap, at least 2 days before the appointment. Any cancellation made less than 24h before the time of the appointment will be charged £30.

Thank you very much