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Freeing the Sacred Heart

A day workshop for women in Glastonbury  September 23rd, 2023 


The Sacred Heart is at the core of a very old story; a Story of awakening, of Mastery and Self-Empowered Wisdom, of Forgiveness and Compassion.

A Sacred Heart free from the spear and the crown of Thorn is the new Story that we get to rewrite at the core of our Beings

This workshop is setting the firm intention to help you find your core and free it from what is burdening your Heart of Compassion and your capacity to forgive others, and yourself.

Your Facilitators

Mylene Chiron Sept 2022 copyright Rowena Crowley (23 of 58).jpeg

Mylène Chiron
is a trained Kinesiologist and BodyTalk practitioner.

Her story of awakening involved a relentless exploration of the mind and the spontaneous purification accessible with conscious focus and unwavering determination.

She developed the 'evolutionary healing circles' in 2020 in which group energies can be read and purified while each person present explores One's own truth - thus benefiting from the group dynamics towards shifting what is no longer relevant and needs letting go. 

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