Retreats in Glastonbury, UK


This 5 day retreat is designed to empower you into finding the key to your own self-healing abilities and to who you are, beneath the controlling mind.

You will learn self-healing techniques from Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy, as well as the principles of Mindscape – a shamanic-type journeying method for the modern mind.


Why do we need to go ‘within’?

We have within ourselves what is called an ‘Innate wisdom’, manifest in the way our bodies can regulate and heal wounds and imbalances naturally. It is also manifest in the way our minds and emotions are capable to ‘tune in’ and retrieve information and insights that are beneficial to our own growth and evolution: the gift of Intuition and the capacity to manifest what we need in our life is Innate to human kind.

Yet we have been distracted away from these inner resources to the point where imbalance is not only perceived as ‘normal’ but can become impossible for our complex inner systems to maintain: this is when dis-ease strikes.

This point of dis-ease, lack of ease and harmony, can also become a catalyst which pushes you to embark on a journey of recovery and self-discovery.

Healing truly comes from within.


The Mindscape Process

Mindscape is a method designed by the founder of the BodyTalk system in the early 90s. This ‘shamanic-type’ journey for the modern mind allows you to tap into the resources of the subconscious mind and use the creative power of the right brain to retrieve information, ask questions, receive answers, understand and heal yourself, seed intentions and manifest a new reality for yourself.


The ‘Mindscape Process’ is the application of the Mindscape method with a focus on an individual’s immediate needs, in the context of a healing and transformative journey, and is also a progressive and experiential way to learn the method directly.  


During this 5 day retreat we will identify, explore and focus on who you are and where you are at - at this point of your own personal journey - as well as what you want to achieve and manifest in the future; we will explore, reveal, understand and integrate what you need to see and heal deep within.


We will be using BodyTalk and Kinesiology techniques to identify and unravel the optimal route for you, back on track and further along.  


I will guide you through the Mindscape Process daily so that you progressively learn the various tools of the method from experience, while using your own innate wisdom applied to your own story, wishes and desires.


We can all heal the past, shape the future and learn to trust and enjoy the present.


Mindscape Process 

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