Self-Actualisation Retreat

Uncovering the Essential Self


Based on my training and experience as a kinesiologist and BodyTalk practitioner, this retreat uses muscle testing to direct the direction and the pace of your journey. Making YOU the main director and author of your path to deeper change. 

As a skilled therapist I will be creating a SAFE SPACE FOR YOU to be deeply HEARD and HELD throughout.


We work TOGETHER to reveal what is right below the surface of your conscious mind; what is ready to be acknowledged bubbling out from the shadows of your subconscious.


I had a wonderful 3 day retreat with Mylene. I had a lot of fear and inner child wounds to process, and Mylene helped me to work through these with ease and grace. She held space for me in such a way that I was able to feel safe and relaxed. She helped me to understand deeper rooted issues that I hadn't seen.


Her incredible Kinesiology skills helped heal an issue with my spine I'd had since my teen years from a fall horse riding. Overall I had such a great experience and would definitely come back again for work with Mylene. Thank you so much!

£333/person  4 days

Non-residential retreat


£990/person 4 days

Residential retreat

Healing Waters Sanctuary

What will you learn and take away from this experience?

  • Kinesiology-based techniques for self-care (grounding, centring, balancing left/right brain, hydration, brain switching for stress reduction…)

  • Tailor-made meditations/visualisation and specifically designed tools to gently train your mind into focus and Presence.

  • The power of witnessing in Presence.

  • Tools and exercises to help you shift old patterns, realign to the core of your being, regulate your nervous system.

  • WHY do such work?

You will also receive a personalised manual carefully crafted during our time together, with all techniques and recommendations that arise during this journey – Your own Tailor-made manual of personal transformation.

What happens during our sessions together?

You will explore more about yourself in a way that only YOU know how. I do not know in advance what will happen nor what particular tools will be surfacing for you to help unfold your own Mystery.

For that matter this journey is truly one of Self Discovery and I am skilled at holding a safe and honest space where YOU are the main player, without any doubt.

There are as many designs to these ‘sessions’ as there are human beings, holding onto their own stories and with their very own agendas and purpose. It will simply be an honour to be holding space for you and follow you through this unfolding.


As a skilled listener and guide, with the right tools and skills, I will take you exactly as you are and help you dive and rise to the level that you wish.

It is all a matter of commitment and your own intention to be present to yourself.

This retreat is designed to be a 1 to 1 journey. A couple discount is available, yet be advised that each individual will receive a total of 8h private and confidential sessions usually held from one Saturday to the following Tuesday (plus handouts, personalised recommendations and Tailor-made practices / homework) – times will be arranged between us.


Contact me to request a zoom/skype inquiry so you can decide if working with me feels right before you commit.

The residential retreat is held at Healing waters sanctuary, Glastonbury.

The non-residential retreat is held in Glastonbury - Accommodation can be arranged for you.