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Day 1- morning 3h

  • On this first day we will be working with BodyTalk and Kinesiology to progressively identify and unravel all the elements in your experience that are relevant to your present reality.

  • I will take careful notes in order to have enough data, which we will be using for the rest of the retreat: your wishes, dreams, aspirations, traumas, limiting belief systems, fears and hopes will be safely exposed through the use of muscle testing – Nothing that you cannot assimilate and integrate will be pushed to the surface.

  • We will also decide together what you want to achieve.

  • This is also the space where you can assess me and ask all the questions you need: we will take this very important time to meet and connect.


This is a very important day as we will establish trust, establish the foundations for the journeying: balancing of the whole energetic system with sound healing and other techniques, identification of surface compensations and masks that can be deleted or integrated so that we can go as deep as you can go.


  • The principle of Mindscape and journeying will be explained: the subconscious mind and its role in health and wellbeing / the role of feeling and emotions in manifesting reality / shamanic point of view and how to find our inner healer / Consciousness and who is the true healer, what is true health.


This will be an open discussion and we will get to not only further know each other but you will start having a better idea of what you want to achieve in the space of Mindscape.


You will have the rest of the day in Glastonbury to let this sink in, allow synchronicities to confirm your intuitions and “sleep on it”


Day 2: 2h

  • Meditation in Presence and body awareness: the importance of the Alpha brain state and its role in health and relaxation.

  • You will learn simple techniques to bring yourself in the present moment and engage the part of the brain which we need for turning inwards. Brain balancing / Body awareness / Space awareness / Breathwork / Relaxation techniques


  • Introducing Mindscape: Journeying and building the inner sanctuary. Calling in the inner guides and protectors. Planting seeds of intention in the inner space. 


Days 3 and 4: 2h

  • Identifying the priority with BodyTalk

  • Mindscape journey: entering the Inner sanctuary – self healing using the inner tools

  • Sharing and QnA time


Day 5: 2h

  • Mindscape journeying – introducing more tools in the inner sanctuary.

  • Conclusion: Mindscape and the outward journey. How the inner reflects the outer reality and vice versa. What to expect and how to play with the method.

  • Personal recommendations for further development: muscle testing and assessing completion or further ‘home work’ for integration.

  • You will be given hand-outs with all the self-help techniques learned as well as a reminder of the mindscape tools and Journeying progression.

It will then be your responsibility and choice to continue the Journey and use what you have learned.


Included in the retreat is a follow up online Mindscape Processtime and date to be assessed with muscle testing: we all have our own inner compass and unique way to integrate healing and new information – your own innate wisdom will decide at the end of the retreat when the optimal follow up is due.

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The Retreat step by step


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