Retreat at Healing Waters Sanctuary - Glastonbury


This residential retreat at Healing Waters (Glastonbury, UK) includes 5 nights accommodation and 2h/day personal healing and teaching with Mylène.

You will receive 8h private sessions which include (but not restricted to) kinesiology / BodyTalk therapy / sound healing / meditation in Presence / counselling and spiritual (life) guidance - and your retreat will simply design itself through continuous muscle testing, which allows it to be exactly what your innate wisdom reveals to be 'ripe' at this moment in time.

I will send you a form which will allow you to 'tune in' to what is true to you, so that you can start the Process long before we meet: once you decide to do the Work, it will find you and doors will start to open; we then follow this through.

A couple of days after your retreat I will send you a comprehensive report carefully recorded in the form of a PDF, with relevant links, photos of tarot cards you might have picked, and all insights and discussions we will be having in the course of the Process.

This will also include all recommendations, relevant exercises and/or focus that came through for you, and self-help techniques for brain balancing / hydrating / biochemical balance (from kinesiology and bodytalk therapy).

Glastonbury has a very interesting energy and mindset which tends to highlight and enhance the Process - synchronicities here are often astounding. This retreat takes this environment into consideration and you will have time to allow yourself to flow with this landscape and surely find answers to whatever is pushed into awareness through our work together.

Contact me for booking a free zoom/skype interview to discuss your needs and see if working with me would work for you. 

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