Remote sessions

The Mindscape process

The Mindscape Process is a guided shamanic-type journey that empowers you to find your own inner healer and resources within. 

You can tap into the wealth and power of the subconscious mind to operate deep and lasting changes in your life.

You can access deep healing and open up your consciousness by allowing the past and the obsolete to be witnessed, understood and integrated in your psyche. 

Deep healing comes from within.


Our initial BodyTalk session will identify the priority focus and unique sequencing for your healing journey here and now.


I will then guide you through the Mindscape Process where you will participate in your own healing, as well as retrieve more information about yourself - and how to empower yourself further. 

I then guide you into your own Mindscape where you will receive Remote Healing at the same time as operating the changes that you wish to manifest, YOURSELF: you will therefore learn infinitely more about your own inner healing abilities and progressively understand how you can use the amazing resources within.

A discussion on how to form your own interpretation about what you found will close our session - with further advise on how to use the wisdom and understanding to progress on your journey. 

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1- Please do read the Mindscape step by step information.

2- Book your session 

3- I will contact you to arrange the date and time for our session and will ask you to please fill in the online Intake Form.

4- An hour before our appointment I will send you a zoom link - you do not need to download zoom, you just need to click on the invitation. You do need a webcam but if you don't we can use audio only. 

5- Make sure you are ready for your session: you need to have a comfortable place to lie down, blankets and cushions, and make sure nobody will disturb you. If you can, make sure you can rest for an hour afterwards to allow for integration.

- Drink a large glass of water before the session.

6: We will discuss your intake form and work together to find what themes you want to work with and I will take notes or anything that muscle testing flags as relevant. This is the first step of an inquiry, which will lead us to a Taylor-made journey in the last hour.