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The Mindscape Process step by step

Step 1: Identifying the priority / what is below the surface, here and Now.

we will discuss what you want to change / achieve / explore or what elements of your life experience are causing you discomfort.


We will also identify what is below the surface and that you haven't yet seen. 

I will help you identify the various elements in your reality that muscle testing can reveal  - through me surrogating for you (Remote work) - many levels of experience often feed into each other in a sort of loop: emotions, belief systems, old events or patterns, physical sensations and feelings, biochemical imbalances, external influences... which is what make us complex, unique and fascinating beings.


But these loops tend to make us 'stuck' and seemingly helpless to change patterns of behaviour.


This is why the combination of revealing these loops to your awareness + remote healing while you explore your subconscious mind through Mindscape makes for a truly powerful and deeply empowering healing experience.


Step 2: Diving in the Alpha state.

Alpha brainwaves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. 

Alpha is 'the power of now', being here, in the present. The Alpha wave length is the resting state for the brain and naturally aids overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning. In order for you to be able to enter your Mindscape you need to be in a state of relaxation.

I will guide you through a Meditation in Presence as you lie down comfortably, and I will guide you to achieve  balance on an energetic level. The use of tuning forks is also possible and effective through zoom/skype. 

You will of course make sure that you are not to be interrupted for the following hour and that your body is comfortable enough. 


Step 3: stepping in your inner landscape.

It is very important to understand at this point that what we are doing in this Process is fully engage the right hemisphere of the brain, and that its language and intelligence is different from our everyday logic and analytical mind.

It does not matter whether you visualise, remember or create an image! in other words: you don't need to be a 'clairvoyant' and 'have visions' to be able to do this work. What you create in your imagination or remember from memories is exactly right, as the process uses the parts of the brain that you need. And as you dive deeper into the Alpha state you might be surprised!


Step 4: building your workshop / the Sanctuary

This is the place where all the work is being done. I will guide you to create this safe space within, where you will be shown tools that you can use in order to retrieve your own information, and where deep healing can take place. This is also the space where I will start sending remote healing should you need this. 

The whole process as described above, once learned, can be repeated at home any time you wish: you will be able to use the same tools that are introduced during our sessions - yet with different applications, according to what you decide to explore or do.

It takes approximately 3 to 4 journeys with me for us to have enough time to explore and use all the tools that Mindscape has in store. Some might want to be used more often than others, depending on who you are and what insights I have for your optimal guidance.

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