Individual Sessions

in Somerset

Using muscle testing biofeedback we dive together in what is held beneath the conscious and  explore the clues that your Bodymind gives us, therefore uncovering the many loops and layers that are holding patterns in place.

Imbalances at any level (physical, emotional, mental and the 'feeling stuck' - spiritual) are a result of layers upon layers of unsolved or non-seen stresses which create loops upon loops of patterns and habits - we learn to function right on the edge until the last drop tilts the cup and forces us to act.


Dis-eases and illnesses can be approached, and healing optimised by restoring balance to the whole system. A resilient body AND mind will prevent and fight off outside influences, integrating the whole environment and balancing all systems in harmony, organically and holistically.

In one session we often uncover many layers that may seem unrelated but which all have a role in your present experience: If you are ready to change it and restore your natural balance, we will work to untangle all these elements on many levels which keep it in place. So that you can move on. 

Balance is reestablished through many techniques from Kinesiology and bodytalk, but also through the simple process of your witnessing, understanding and accepting all that has been and is your experience. I am here to provide a safe space and to help you hold your focus long enough for the process to unravel on all levels. 

Being present and willing to witness ourselves is the greatest gift of Consciousness: finding the 'inner healer' and 'inner guide' is key to optimal balance. 


Individual sessions in Glastonbury £50/h. First session £70/90mn

£15/h available if you participate in the Glastonbury Community Exchange (locals only)

Weekend individual retreats in Glastonbury - Multiple dates: £333/person - 6h individual sessions over the weekend (see link for information), and personal time to integrate and practice + your own manual of personal transformation based on what is being revealed for you during the retreat. 

Online sessions £70/90mn 


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Home visits in the Glastonbury area £60/h

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Gradient Ocean

I had a very Powerful session last week the work went very deep and I cleared three very old woundings that I wasn’t even aware existed; I went for one thing which was a total red herring.


I felt very safe and held so that I could reach this deep place in my body mind psyche. Three things that came which were a big surprise.


And I felt amazing afterwards very light and present and clear. I highly recommend this work I will definitely go back for a follow-up 

Julie Ann Horrox, Breathwork instructor