How I work

I am a healer and a deeply intuitive being. Both 'Circles' and  individual sessions are always informed and guided by what I can perceive in your Body-mind or 'group/personal Field' as and when I meet you. Therefore I can only offer a very fluid structure to these groups - It all comes into clarity when the group forms and I can 'tune into' the group energy.

The way I do this - in a "Circle" context - is by surrogating for the group ("downloading" the group energy and feeling it from the inside), usually a few hours before we meet - that's when I start getting some insights of where we'll be going within the chosen theme. I then use 'muscle testing/checking' and the BodyTalk Map to sequence, focus and articulate better where we're going and what is priority for the group at the time we meet.

I sometimes get off 'the map' though, so it is always an adventure, which depends on who is here and what YOU are bringing to the process!  

I am presently choosing to work within the frame of the 'Chakra map' simply because it gives a necessary focus, is a complete and deep system of self knowing, and most people know about Chakras, or can easily access information about it.

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Find out more about the 3h monthly 'Chakra journeys' and the 90mn 'Weekly Evolutionary Healing Circles" (Glastonbury only until further notice)