How I work

I am a healer and a deeply intuitive being. Both 'Circles' and  individual sessions are always informed and guided by what I can perceive in your Body-mind or 'group/personal Field' as and when I meet you. Therefore I can only offer a very fluid structure to these groups - It all comes into clarity when the group forms and I can 'tune into' the group energy.

The way I do this - in a "Circle" context - is by surrogating for the group ("downloading" the group energy and feeling it from the inside), usually a few hours before we meet - that's when I start getting some insights of where we'll be going. I then use 'muscle testing/checking' and the BodyTalk Map to sequence, focus and articulate better where we're going and what is priority for the group at the time we meet.

I sometimes get off 'the map' though, so it is always an adventure, which depends on who is here and what YOU are bringing to the process!  


- All words, insights, directions and guidance I offer are NOT the Truth. They are only here for you to catch and observe what they trigger, and then disappear out of memory (or not, your choice) and give space for something else.

- YOU are utterly and totally responsible for your own reactions, insights, inner movements and spontaneous thoughts/emotions/feelings/ideas. 

- I Trust you: obviously no disrespectful or aggressive behaviour towards others, in words or deeds, will be tolerated . Should strong emotions and tendencies come out from the 'shadow' work you will be supported with unconditional Love and helped to responsibly handle and witness this on the spot - as everyone else will be supported to embrace this and use it for the group healing, should it happen.

- Guidance is always directed at empowering YOU to uncover yourself in your deepest Truth. Nothing else. 

- I ALWAYS offer these words and guidance after they've been filtered through the 'muscle testing' screen so that I can insure that what comes through is indeed at the right time and formulated in the optimum way.

- Healing happens in sequence and when it comes to group energy, every single person in the group contributes to the balancing. Therefore what comes through might not necessarily be for you specifically.

You are responsible for filtering the information and trusting yourself that you know what to take and what to leave. 

You can be assured of my absolute integrity and respect.

Nobody is forced to share if you don't feel like it.

Nobody is forced to stay if leaving is what you need.

All people involved are unconditionally included and respected as a necessary part of the group process.

Your contribution is not only valued, it is necessary.