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Influence of the subconscious mind  in balance and health

What is subconscious / unconscious is simply driving your life: your actions, reactions, feelings, emotions and general decisions that you make in your life are conditioned by what is held under the surface, effectively making you repeat patterns over and over again.

If you wish your life to change in a way that you do feel in control, the process of uncovering and dismantling the past that is held in the subconscious mind is necessary.

The link between belief systems, old patterns, emotions and trauma with physical manifestations of disease and illness is now generally accepted and recognised.

If you wish to heal your body, heal your mind too!

This process is a step by step journey that can only happen at the right moment for each individual. Once you are ready to see something, it will bubble up.

The Mindscape process allows you to safely uncover what is below the surface and ready to be witnessed, understood and integrated in your conscious mind - but it also teaches you the fact that you ARE your own healer and the power of your own mind can operate miracles.


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