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How do we work together?

I use what is known as Kinesiology muscle testing to direct our work together: this ensures that nobody else but YOURSELF actually decides on the pace, the direction and the resolution for your own journey. You will find more about the healing principles underlying my work here

Your Innate Wisdom will not only reveal what is held beneath the surface but will also provide the optimal sequence of healing, the ways to best Integrate the change … and any extra homework you might need to do in order to consolidate it all (this might include dietary recommendation, specific meditations, crystals to use, Flower essences, and anything that might be revealed as we work together).


I simply use my skills to ask the right question at the right time, my ability to feel deeply into your Process so that you don’t escape too far from it (some resistance might indeed come up and we'll track them and while respecting them, gently ease through) and a very rich tool-bag of techniques:

Bach Flower therapy, Breathwork, Primary belief and survival strategies Process, Sound healing, colour and visualisation meditations, Taoist meditations, Massage and acupressure, Reiki and hands on healing, Personal Guidance connection/tarot reading, ancestral and karmic healing, shamanic journeying, Creative Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy techniques)...

During our initial sharing I will take note of all issues and areas of work that you can identify in your life and that you want to explore, understand or transform – We will then identify which of these are flagged as Priority, or as the optimal starting point for our session. Many agendas will thus arise one after the other during our sessions, and more often than not, issues that you might not even be aware are still at play in the subconscious mind. Freeing these energetic loops allows deep change within, and therefore without.

From there, it is simply a mysterious unfolding between the two of us, directed by our Essential Selves playing this Changing Game, together.

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