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Non residential retreats in Glastonbury

Individual retreats 'Intensive': £350/person - ONLY 2 persons per period (each will receive individual time). 

I facilitate these non-residential retreats in my clinic room in Glastonbury. You will have to find your own accommodation (and I am happy to help you with this on request. This option allows everyone to choose one's own budget.

We usually arrange the work schedule between us: we need to fit in 8h preferably over a period of 4 days - 2h/day in the morning usually. You will need to contact me for a zoom call to see if we are a fit, but also to choose dates together according to my own availability.

The reason for spreading the 8h over 4 days is because you will need integration time between sessions. This is also the reason why I call these intensives a 'retreat': there will be many micro-shifts and readjustment during the day and night after each session, and I hold you throughout under a strong healing intention (which we identify and agree on together at the start). Glastonbury usually brings things to the surface and highlights change. 


Individual sessions and non-residential Retreats take place at:


Archers Sanctuary

The Archers Way


BA6 9HT - UK.

This is right above the sewing shop 'sew over the moon'

Archers way is the street going from the high street to the library.

There's a mural around the entrance you can't miss it!

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