The realm of energy healing has now been widely documented and many modern therapeutic forms are born out of the realisation and remembering that we are much more than flesh and blood and that all is interconnected. This is when we consider Health in a holistic way

Balance is maintained or achieved through the use of various techniques all meant to improve the circulation of vital energy by removing blocks or increasing its availability. These techniques can also uses body awareness to connect areas that are disconnected and bring our natural healing abilities into play - so basically: where attention goes energy follows is the rule of thumb. It is all about moving energy and accessing vitality by removing what is in the way or adding what is missing. 


With Kinesiology we look at how the body and the mind interact in order to maintain homeostasis/balance, or fail to do so. Emotional, physical, nutritional and electrical/electromagnetic fields are all assessed and balanced simultaneously.


The techniques used in kinesiology are all energy-based.






                                        CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED HEALING

"Pro-consciousness medicine is simply the merging of quantum physics with energy healing modalities to heal the whole body by realizing and utilizing the power of consciousness. The challenge for consciousness-based medicine is to integrate the notion of personal growth, where the individual shifts from functioning in an ego self-centered mode to a more universal self-mode (...) [consciousness-based healing practitioners can help] by facilitating the transcendence of the ego-character to allow for the emergence of the quantum self in the individual they are treating, which ultimately leads to improved health and overall well-being in the person." (full article at Quantum University here).

BodyTalk Therapy uses techniques that reestablish lines of communication within the body-mind through the power of the witnessing mind: simply seeing all the elements that keep patterns in a loop, is enough to operate a shift into another healthier possibility. From there, your reality reorganises itself both within and without. 

The old model of Practitioner versus Patient is shifting to that of Witness versus Explorer, a model in which YOU are on a journey and you have chosen for a moment to call for an outside witness to your own processes.


Both my individual sessions and Healing Circles have the same intention: Help you find your own path to optimal balance, teach you the techniques that you might need along the way and why you might need them, provide you with my ongoing support and that of a group of dedicated Explorers of the deeper Self.