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Focused Purification Circles

These groups are presently 'on Hold'

Individual Retreats available in Glastonbury

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The Intention

Working in a group setting is an incredibly powerful way to enter and validate your own journey to self-transformation. Being seen and feeling supported, seeing others and understanding how we are all connected is key to finding your own depth.

The Evolutionary Healing circles started in 2018 and are evolving as they should, according to what the world needs - we are now 2021 and entering a new phase: I am choosing to describe these circles as 'Focused Purification circles' based on the work of Jacqueline Hobbs (aka Oracle Girl) and my commitment to, personal involvement and understanding of this Process.

The structure is simple: I surrogate for the group and use the BodyTalk map and muscle testing techniques to identify what needs to be seen for the group. This is a guided yet open sharing circle where we play with concepts, share what they mean to us, tune in to what stories they bring up personally and identify for oneself the areas that need work.

Once everyone has a clear feel of what needs shifting/purifying (in their own personal story/narrative, but also for the largest picture) we focus on what's been revealed for the group energy, at that particular moment in time, that particular space, TOGETHER. 

Most of the dissolution of patterns and shifts within our own distorted Matrix can be achieved by allowing the Power of the impartial, steady and non-judgmental Eye of Consciousness - This is how change simply happens: bringing awareness to the shadowy corners and allowing it to shine through it without wavering. It only takes focus and a minute - multiplying this focus within a group exponentially empowers the individual, while shifting the invisible layers that are set in motion through the very intention of doing 'the Work'


"Mylene's ability to tune into an individual or a group is really impressive. Because of her caring and authentic presence, she is able to create a beautifully safe space for healing. Her limitless knowledge of Body Talk and many other healing methods, goes way beyond what you could expect. She is able to detect what needs to be addressed and with much skill, facilitate the release of what is stuck for the whole group or the individual. I am truly grateful for these group sessions and find them very beneficial. Much healing work gets done here. Highly recommended."

Frances Campbell, meditation teacher