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Non residential retreats in Glastonbury

Weekend individual retreats 'Intensive': £450/person - £333 concessions.

(Couple discount available)

These retreats are tailor-made and can be stretched over 3 days if muscle-testing deems it necessary (usually for optimal integration) or if that is your choice - I am happy to organise week-days if I can, do contact me to discuss this.

8h individual sessions over the weekend, and personal time to integrate and practice + your own manual of personal transformation based on what is being revealed for you during the retreat. Click here for more information about the work. 

Individual sessions and non-residential Retreats take place at:

Apple Tree Therapies

Glastonbury Natural Health Centre

1 Hanover Square Silver Street, Glastonbury BA6 8BT 

Individual sessions: £60/h - First session £80/90mn.