My journey is characterised by the fact that I am a person with Asperger, which is also considered high functioning autism.

I was not diagnosed until my early 50s and I have navigated my difference in ways that were lucky, sometimes very lucky, certainly protected and often very challenging.

I have two Masters degrees in English and French language and literature but still found it difficult to apply any of this in an 'ordinary work situation' so after teaching French as a foreign language in Thailand and Costa Rica for a while I moved to the UK and decided to study Kinesiology  - simply because I had found it extremely useful and interesting for my own inner journey of self-exploration.

This eventually led me to what I call a Process of self-actualisation or the realisation that Consciousness is what does the healing. 

I first completed a Systematic Kinesiology foundation course in Bristol in 2009, followed by a Practitioner training course in Creative Kinesiology in Exeter in 2012.

I then embraced a BodyTalk therapy practitioner training, as well as the  Mindscape workshop training in 2015. I have been combining both kinesiology and BodyTalk for the past 4 years in clinic setting and I am now more and more interested in working in group settings and developing the Mindscape Process further. 

I am a Kinesiology Federation member, and a fully insured therapist. 


As you will see when you start working with the Mindscape method, the central element in this space is what is called the 'Workshop' - This inner sanctuary that we learn to build and ground in the psyche (through a guided shamanic-type journey) is simply a safe and sacred space where all the work is done. Having access to the subconscious mind in a safe and structured way is invaluable to operate deep changes: more information here

On my first journey during the Mindscape workshop - facilitated by BodyTalk practitioners specifically trained to deliver this weekend training - what I uncovered was a space which reflected deeply and very clearly my autistic reality. 

Of course I didn't call it that. I didn't know. I just recognised that I was sheltering myself from the outside world, that I was hiding and isolating myself systematically and this was deeply reflected in my psyche - all of this was clearly exposed in my inner eyes and the workshop reflected it perfectly.

I happened to see it, recognise it and decided I wanted this to change. I was ready, and Mindscape was my way in AND out.

It took some time, of course. My inner guidance - as faithfully reflected in the Workshop - and what I intuitively knew I had to do and ask, intend and manifest in that space operated such dramatic healing and changes in the depth of my subconscious mind that I saw myself change in my everyday reality. 

My Workshop has of course morphed and edited itself, has been destroyed and replaced many times as I grew in awareness, and started shedding layers of conditioning and old limiting patterns. This is the Journey: we are able to completely transform ourselves from the inside out. 

Nowadays my Workshop is open, spacious and transparent. I can access it any time I chose and access intuition, insights, information whenever I chose. This in fact is how I can guide you and show you what is possible. 

I am offering what I call the 'Mindscape Process' because I can offer guidance, insights and healing while teaching you a tool that you can keep for the rest of your life. 

You will also understand deeply through this Process how powerful you are and that ultimately, you are your own healer.


My personal experience with Mindscape

Mylène CHIRON 
Reiki Master

Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology,
Practitioner Course in Creative Kinesiology,

Anatomy and Physiology ITEC course
Nutrition Advisor's Diploma

Body Talk Access Certificate
BodyTalk Fundamental (Mod 1 and 2)
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner
Fully insured practitioner