I first completed a Systematic Kinesiology foundation course in Bristol in 2009, followed by a Practitioner training course in Creative Kinesiology in Exeter in 2012.

I then embraced a BodyTalk therapy practitioner training, as well as the  Mindscape workshop training in 2015. I have been combining both kinesiology and BodyTalk since 2012 in clinic setting.

Everything else is Evolutive, Evolving and part of who I am. 

My journey to self-actualisation covers more than I am able to tell - Trust me, I've explored large and deep within and without. The traumas were deep, the pains profound, the Joys unexpected. I am a very Blessed person indeed. 

I am a Kinesiology Federation member, and a fully insured therapist. 


Direct Self-inquiry in Presence and focused awareness are the tools that your very own personal Consciousness or Essential Self has available, to challenge and finally wake up the ‘little one’ (the Local self).


I call this The Eye of Consciousness, unwavering, focused, determined and relaxed with what IS.

This Eye can be awoken within, while you train and discipline your lower tendencies to make space, and it will set itself to dissolving and transforming your inner experience, bit by bit, and sometimes in a flash. The end result is a complete restructuring of both your inner and outer reality - which on a more absolute level can transform the old paradigms deeply and exponentially. 

This is NOT a battle between a ‘higher self’ and the ‘Ego’; I believe these terms have become misleading. This is about reaching an agreement, having a mutual inner contract and understanding between both parties – Essential and Local self/selves - which ultimately lead to their bonding and finally, a Sacred Union.

This merging constitutes the ultimate emergence of the Free Being that we are meant to actualise on this human journey. It is a life-long journey yet the journey IS the goal, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am.

Mylène Chiron

Mylène CHIRON 
Reiki Master

Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology,
Practitioner Course in Creative Kinesiology,

Anatomy and Physiology ITEC course
Nutrition Advisor's Diploma

Body Talk Access Certificate
BodyTalk Fundamental (Mod 1 and 2)
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner
Fully insured practitioner