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My interest in "things of the mind" started in my early 20s as I was determined to explore more about myself and started exploring the fascinating world of alternative therapies. Kinesiology allowed me to dive into my own inner world and understand myself in ways which I wasn't expecting. This was deep, profound at times, and I promised myself that I would one day return to this modality and possibly study it in a professional way.

It wasn't until my 40s that I remembered this and decided that studying this modality was the best way I could make use of the wisdom and knowledge I had accumulated through my own journey of self-actualisation. 

I completed a Systematic Kinesiology foundation course in Bristol in 2009, followed by a Practitioner training course in Creative Kinesiology in Exeter in 2012.

I then embraced a BodyTalk therapy practitioner training, as well as the  Mindscape workshop training in 2015. I have been combining both kinesiology and BodyTalk since 2012 in clinic setting.

I am a Kinesiology Federation member, and a fully insured therapist. 

Being a French national, my services are bilingual.

About the self-actualisation retreats:

Mylène holds deep transformative PERSONAL RETREATS in GLASTONBURY, UK.

These are a development from her kinesiology/BodyTalk health care practice, which has been established in Somerset since 2012.


Over the years she observed extraordinary life changes for her regular clients, both in general wellbeing and sense of purpose and fulfilment; she decided to expand her unique combination of techniques and specific skills to offer a more intensive formula.


The 'self-actualisation retreats: uncover the essential self' are regularly held in Glastonbury, UK. Also called 'the Isle of Avalon' this very special place is very conductive to holding a sacred space to your journey and complement a deep self-inquiry Work.


Trained in Systematic and Creative Kinesiology, BodyTalk therapy, and experienced in a wealth of other health care modalities (Reiki, mindfulness meditations, Bach flower remedies, Tuning fork/sound therapy, mentoring and counselling skills, breathwork and shamanic journeying...) Mylène can truly hold you through this exploration of your deepest core patterns and help you find the best route to your highest potential.


The intention is also to give you the tools, techniques and the understanding and wisdom that you need to maintain your experience and stay on track while designing your own route to self-actualisation step by step, following your own inner wisdom.


These retreats can be held in English as well as in French. They are available all year round and designed on an individual basis. They are truly focused on who you are, as unique as can be.

Mylène CHIRON 
Reiki Master

Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology,
Practitioner Course in Creative Kinesiology,

Anatomy and Physiology ITEC course
Nutrition Advisor's Diploma

Body Talk Access Certificate
BodyTalk Fundamental (Mod 1 and 2)
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner
Fully insured practitioner
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