The journey back to my True self has been long and extremely difficult.

My experience in trauma resolution has been a life-long struggle, yet also my very own Blessing and Gift.


I became a Healer as a result of finding my own way... and my chosen therapeutic modalities (Kinesiology and BodyTalk) are simply there to provide a structured ground to the richness of what I have to offer.

I have needed a long list of Teachers, Therapists, Guides and Healers on top of my own very spirited and determined Essence. I know I can help in turn, and I know how much help is needed. 

I am in Service to YOU and to the awakening of humanity for the birth of a new Paradigm.


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Mylène CHIRON 
Reiki Master

Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology,
Practitioner Course in Creative Kinesiology,

Anatomy and Physiology ITEC course
Nutrition Advisor's Diploma

Body Talk Access Certificate
BodyTalk Fundamental (Mod 1 and 2)
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)
IBA registered member
Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner
Fully insured practitioner