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I first completed a Systematic Kinesiology foundation course in Bristol in 2009, followed by a Practitioner training course in Creative Kinesiology in Exeter in 2012.

I then embraced a BodyTalk therapy practitioner training, as well as the  Mindscape workshop training in 2015. I have been combining both kinesiology and BodyTalk since 2012 in clinic setting.

Everything else is Evolutive, Evolving and part of who I am. 

My journey to self-actualisation covers more than I am able to tell - Trust me, I've explored large and deep within and without. The traumas were deep, the pains profound, the Joys unexpected. I am a very Blessed person indeed. 

I am a Kinesiology Federation member, and a fully insured therapist. 


Mylène CHIRON 
Reiki Master

Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology,
Practitioner Course in Creative Kinesiology,

Anatomy and Physiology ITEC course
Nutrition Advisor's Diploma

Body Talk Access Certificate
BodyTalk Fundamental (Mod 1 and 2)
Principles of Consciousness (Mod 3)

Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner
Fully insured practitioner