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Personal development work in Glastonbury

Uncovering the essential self

My Healing sessions are suited to you who truly want to free yourself from the past

and are ready to embrace full responsibility for your future. 

I recommend a 90mn session for a first meeting with me - we will take time to meet and establish Trust between us, and I will explain and answer all questions before we dive into what is present for you.

Subsequent sessions will be recommended in the same way I work: your own Innate wisdom will indicate, through muscle testing, what pace you need and what consolidation/integration time is required for you to have an easy(enough) journey back to authentic being. 

One single session can achieve much and I will always endeavour to teach you ways to be absolutely independent in your own healing. I will give you the understanding and techniques that are specific to your story/body type/ general soul presence. 

Although these sessions are based on my training in Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy - both using muscle testing techniques (find out more here) - my own Journey and relentless exploration in things of the Mind and Soul is the most precious of what I bring in. And I know that I can guide you to find the healer within.


Individual sessions - Kinesiology/BodyTalk

Sessions available in Glastonbury

£70 first session (90 mn)

£50 subsequent sessions


Retreats in Glastonbury, UK

Residential and non-residential INDIVIDUAL retreats in Glastonbury

Non-residential  £500/ £400  per person. (8).png