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My work at 'Evolutionary Healing' is a combination of Creative Kinesiology and Bodytalk therapy: both modalities make use of a technique called muscle testing. which has proven since the 1960s to be a very effective and profound way to bypass the conscious mind and extract information from the subconscious mind.

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Using this biofeedback technique we explore together what is held beneath the conscious and uncover the many loops and layers that are holding patterns in place: so that your life can move on and you can feel yourself becoming more alive, authentic and clear in your choices and directions.


I can help you break free from self-destructive habits and patterns, working together past barriers that have been preventing you from living the life that you seek.

Sessions available in GLASTONBURY, SOMERSET UK

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How we can work together

I work with bringing into consciousness what is right below the surface of your awareness: we are deeply influenced by patterns of behaviour stored in the subconscious mind - unravelling what is preventing you from moving on in your life and using kinesiology and BodyTalk tools to identify and deactivate these obsolete patterns will free you and allow you to open up to this new life that you seek and deserve. 


I use various muscle testing techniques as used in both Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy: I am very skilled at finding and highlighting exactly what is below the surface and ready to be witnessed and embraced - your own body-mind always points to what needs work and the exact sequence of healing which YOU need. I simply inform you of what you already know and are not yet aware of. 

What I can assist you with


Emotional and mental imbalances: anxiety, phobias and irrational fear, depression, dissociation, self-limited belief systems...

Trauma and shock. 

Chronic illness and physical pain that don't seem to move in spite of all efforts and treatments.

Feeling 'stuck' and lack of direction. Need to find fulfillment and purpose. 





Ian Heslop

I've experienced different therapies over the years. Mylène Chiron showed me a level of empathy that is very rare, and she helped me move past some very deep emotional trauma.


I would highly recommend her to anyone who is a bit stuck.


Bridget Carlson

My first session with Mylène Chiron was deeply healing and releasing. I felt so safe and held and, most importantly, heard and seen by her.


She helped me clear some very old, deep trauma, just from one session! Many things shifted in me.


I have been to see many different healing practitioners over the years and most have been wonderful, but Mylene is on another level. She is truly gifted!


Frances Campbell

Mylène's kind manner put me immediately at ease from our first session.


It was incredible how she was able to access such deeply rooted and accurate information in my sessions with her.


Her knowledge and intuition seem to go way beyond the modalities of Kinesiology and Bodytalk.


I am so grateful to her for helping me to find exactly the information I needed to move forward and to clear past traumas which I wasn't previously aware of.

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