Find your Depth in spite of your Fears

True healing always involves a re-connection, a transformative experience or 'shift' that transcends the old and reveals deeper levels of Being while letting go of all that is not serving you any longer. ​​

The way to optimal health and balance truly is a journey back to centre, back to the heart of Being: this takes time, dedication and curiosity. This often takes a major challenge to get you to the point that you might want to embark on that journey. Yet once you are, Magic unfolds. 

Find out here how I may help you find your own tracks and maintain your focus back to optimal well being.

Find your Depth in spite of your fears

The unbalance you are experiencing - whether it be on a physical, emotional or mental level -  is what I regard as 'your guide': we simply work together and follow the threads as they naturally come into focus, and thus progressively unravel your own healing journey - your own Innate Wisdom guides the process, my role is to simply reveal and mirror back to you while offering the techniques I know to enhance the process.

Find your Depth in spite of your Fears

Find your depth in spite of your fears.

My individual sessions are always based on muscle testing as used in both Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy.

Both modalities are blended in a truly unique way and combined with hands-on healing, the use of tuning forks, flower essences, tarot card 'mirroring',  deep insights and spontaneous guidance/counselling.

Thanks to this very approach, each and every session is truly unique, always timely and individualised.

Your Awareness is Key.


How I can help you find your own Healing Path and stay on track

Energy /Consciousness-based healing

The Witness and the Explorer

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