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Personal development and deep healing

Glastonbury, UK / Online

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My Healing sessions are suited to you who truly want to free yourself from the past and are ready to embrace full responsibility for your future. 

I recommend a 90mn session for a first meeting with me - we will take time to meet and establish Trust between us, and I will explain and answer all questions before we dive into what is present for you.

Subsequent sessions will be recommended in the same way I work: your own Innate wisdom will indicate, through muscle testing, what pace you need and what consolidation/integration time is required for you to have an easy(enough) journey back to authentic being. 

One single session can achieve much and I will always endeavour to teach you ways to be absolutely independent in your own healing. I will give you the understanding and techniques that are specific to your story/body type/ general soul presence. 

Although these sessions are based on my training in Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy - both using muscle testing techniques (find out more here) - my own Journey and relentless exploration in things of the Mind and Soul is the most precious of what I bring in. And I know that I can guide you to find the healer within.


Online sessions with


Online BodyTalk / remote session combined with Mindscape Process


Individual sessions - Kinesiology/BodyTalk

Sessions available in Glastonbury and Somerton, UK.

 Minimal touch is possible. 

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Retreats in Glastonbury, UK

Residential and Non-residential INDIVIDUAL retreats in and around Glastonbury, UK.

Landscape with Animals

When we are able to see and understand our life as a meaningful flow of opportunities, always pointing towards a growth in Consciousness, triggers and symptoms then become a means of identifying portals into a better way of Being.

Feeling free at last to express our own Truth is the ultimate goal.